The backdrop of the stage is the visible face of your event, so at Av Rental Group, we ensure you have a design on your frame that perfectly suits the image and concept of your event. We develop and manufacture all the elements you need for the success of your event, from backdrop, furniture, pipe & drape, banners, and more. 


We design backdrops of all sizes with graphic printing and the highest quality materials. You can send us your design, or our department will create it from scratch and make it to measure. Give your stage stunning dimension, with a full-color printed backdrop.


The Pipe & Drape is a lightweight, high-quality, and reusable drape system that allows you to create room dividers or stage backdrops for all types of events. We rent pipe and drape fabric in many different colors:

  • White drape
  • Grey drape
  • Black drape


At Av Rental  24/7 Group, we carry out tailor-made projects so that you can find everything you need to decorate your event. We offer all kinds of furniture, from tables, sofas, or shelves to chairs, stools, or benches.

Tell us your requirements and we will help you design a perfect stage for your event Spain, Portugal or France.

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We are a full-service audiovisual supplier in Spain, Portugal and Monaco, we provide the latest audiovisual products servicing throughout Spain, Portugal and Monaco frequently in Lisbon, Madrid, Barcelona, Valencia, Sitges, Cannes & Monte Carlo.