Venus 1.27mm LED Module



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Pixel Pitch 1.27mm
Resolution 480×270 pixels
Panel Size 610 x 343 x 80 mm (W x H x D)
Weight 9,2 Kilo
Convex -5˚
Concave +0˚

VENUS, with a pixel pitch of 1.2mm, selecting high-quality components and optimising the drive electronics was not enough. With innovative flip chip technology, the LED chip electrical contacts are on the underside of the device, unlike in the previous generations of products. This means that there are no contact surfaces blocking the light output. Comparable products can only achieve a peak brightness of 600 nits. VENUS achieves a brightness of up to 1,800 nits.

In addition to numerous other Brompton Tessera features to optimise image quality, it is the high level of precision, the impressive black value and the enormous brightness levels that make VENUS an outstanding product for a wide range of applications.

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